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Can I take part?

You can take part if you are a new Betfair customer playing Betfair Bingo for the first time, who has signed up through an eligible partner on or after 12:00 BST on 28th June 2017. We only allow one account per customer. This bonus is valid from 12:00 BST on 28th June 2017 for new registrations on Bingo only. If you have registered previously on Betfair, created a Bingo chat name or wagered on any Bingo games or Side Games prior to this time you will not be eligible for this welcome bonus.

How and when do I qualify?

First you need to deposit a min of £5, then you must stake a minimum of £5 in cash on Bingo tickets, on any Bingo game.

What can I win?

If you complete the minimum staking (£5), you’ll get a £25 bonus. Your bonus is split into two, consisting of a £15 Bingo bonus and a £10 Games bonus. This give you £25 to play with from a £5 wager.

You need to wager your Bingo bonus four (4x) times on any Bingo game(s).

You need to wager your Games bonus twenty five (25x) times on eligible games. Eligible games are all games except: Bingo, Multi-player Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, and Crystal Balls.

When will I get my bonus?

Your bonuses will be credited to your Bingo bonus balance and your Games bonus balance once you have completed the minimum £5 cash stake. Your bonus will be credited within 48 hours.

Each of your bonuses will be available for one calendar month from the time they are applied to your bonus balances. If after one month, the whole or a part of a bonus remains in your bonus balance, it will be removed.

Where are my ‘pending winnings’ held?

Until you have completed the bonus wagering requirements, any winnings you make from wagering your bonus will be held as ‘pending winnings’. Your pending winnings will appear as part of your cash balance. You can play with these winnings but you will not be able to withdraw them until you have completed the wagering requirement. Once the wagering requirements are complete all pending winnings convert to real cash.

What happens to the bonus wagering requirements if my bonus and pending winnings balances are reduced to zero?

The bonus wagering requirements no longer apply and the promotion is ended.

What happens to the bonus wagering requirements if I still have pending winnings after one month has passed?

If you still have pending winnings after one month has passed, you will still need to fulfil the Games or Bingo bonus wagering requirements in order to convert those pending winnings into cash.

What will happen if I transfer/withdraw cash from my cash balance whilst I am in the process of clearing a Bingo bonus wagering requirement?

You will lose your bonus and any pending winnings you may have accrued in the process of taking part in the Bingo promotion.

Other essential information

Fraudulent or multiple entries will not be accepted, nor will entries made in breach or non-compliance with these terms and conditions.

Betfair Bingo reserves the right to exclude any entrant from competitions, promotions and/or events and from use of the Betfair Bingo website if Betfair Bingo believes that an entrant has tried to enter by using more than one user name or is otherwise engaging in any fraudulent or illegal activity (including participation that would be in breach of the law in your local jurisdiction), whether or not that entrant would or might have won any prize but for such activity.

Betfair Bingo reserves the right in its sole discretion to withhold the award of free bets in relation to any competitions, promotions and/or events where we consider that there has been deliberate manipulation of a promotion co-ordinated by a bonus abuse site, forum or which otherwise has taken place.

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