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our free €5 at Betfair awaits you. Just download the client and make a deposit of €5 to claim. In addition, you can earn a bonus of up to € 1000, as indicated below.

Whether you have already played before or not, we offer you the chance to get a bonus of up to €1,000. The first time you deposit into your poker account, you will receive up to 200% of your deposit. The bonus is credited to your account automatically and increases your balance when playing at our cash tables and tournaments.

To release your bonus amounts, you must accumulate Promotional Points by playing for real money at Betfair Poker. For every € 1 you generate in rake and fee, you receive 20 promotional points, which are converted into money. For example, if you accumulate 80 points, you receive €1 in cash in your account. The first €25 of the bonus is released at €1 per 80 points, and from there the amount to be released increases progressively. Please see terms and conditions for more details.

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All Promotions on Betfair

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